Here's new footage
These shots   are difficult to tell because of the background and the quality of the footage.
Here's a shot of Zordon via a transmission from Eltar
Here's an exterior shot of what is more than likely Eltar
Once Green Ranger says to look up there, it then cuts to Sentai footage of the Sky which is when you'll see pinkish or reddish lightning bolts appearing.
This shot is back to new footage.
Goldgoyle fires his lightning attack, it then cuts down to new footage of the Rangers.
Once you see Artillatron and the Rescuezords then that's the start of Sentai footage.
This shot of the Turbo Megazord is when the new footage starts.
Here's new footage of the Rangers by the various Megazord parts
Here's new footage of the Red Ranger flying in the Lightning Cruiser with the Turbo RAM attached to it (the Cruiser)
The footazge of the Lightning Cruiser being in the same shot as the Giant Goldgoyle is actually edited in. While the Lightning Cruiser is in new footage, it's edited into the Sentai footage of Goldgoyle.
Here's new footage of the broken down Megazord in the same shot as the Lightning Cruiser and the Rangers
Here's the Blue Senturion in the Power Chamber
Here's Divatox with Ptons
Here's Elgar, Ptrons and Divatox

Sentai footage comes from Car 48