Here's the new Goldgoyle
Here's Giant Rygog however he shrinks back down immediately due to the food he ate that enlarges the monsters was actually expired as far as I can tell.
Here's a front shot of the new Goldgoyle
Here's Goldgoyle in the same shot as the Rescue Megazord
Here's a shot of Goldgoyle with the Rescue Megazord however this is after he had already stabbed his Sword into the Rescue Megazord
Here's another shot of the new Goldgoyle
Here's a shot of small Goldgoyle in his original form
Rygog had thrown bad food at Goldgoyle which forced him to shrunk down as all enlarged monsters if they eat expired food that enlarges them. Goldgoyle is destroyed by a Fiery Energy Ball attack that the 5 Rangers formed.
Here's a shot of the 3 Megazords
Here's a shot of Dappu and his Dad