Here's Dana
Here's Captain Mitchell
Here's an exterior shot of the Skull Cavern however effects such as lightning and the demons' streaks of light have been edited into the shot.
Here's an exterior shot of the Skull Cavern with the demons already in it. I can tell this is a Sentai shot because of Vypra however I cannot currently tell where the footage comes from.
A full shot of Diabolico is taken from another Sentai episode but the up-close shot of Diabolico which mostly only shows his face is taken from most likely GoGoV Episode 2 however they increased the Diabolico zoom-in shot.
An up-close shot of Vypra is always new footage because of the American actress playing her. In this footage, Impus is in Sentai footage. Here's Vypra
This shot is Sentai footage too.
Here's the Aquabase      
Here are the 5 Rescue Morphers
The Rescue Rover according to reports is a recycled vehicle so I'll be listing that as I usually do with recycled monster suits.

Previous Vehicle

This Tankenstein vehicle comes from "A Line In The Sand"

Rescue Rover

Ghouligan is another recycled item so I'll be listing that in my usual way.

Previous Suit

This Psycho Red Monster Form suit comes from a few Power Rangers In Space episodes such as "Silence Is Golden"" and "The Enemy Within" which takes footage from from "Mega 42" and Mega 43

Ghouligan Suit.

Here's Batlings and Ghouligan  
Here are the Morphing Sequences         All were in order of their assigned Ranger numbers except for the 2 girls.
Here's new footage of the 5 Rangers  
Here's Ghouligan and Red
Here's new footage of a Batling fighting with the Pink Ranger