The footage that the 3 remaining Psychos watch as shown on the Dark Fortress View Screen is Sentai footage.
After the theme ends, the ep restarts with it being in new footage as shown here.
Here's a shot of the 3 Psychco Rangers in new footage.
All scanning vision shots is Sentai footage.
Here's a shot of what appears to be Cassie's Pager.
The scene when Cassie bumps into the old man and demands an apology. I don't remember the Megaranger scene very good and I also can't understand Japanese so all I'm going to say is instead of what Cassie did by giving the man a flower, Miku ended up kissing the man on the cheek.
All footage of Silver Ranger riding his Silver Cycle is new footage.
This shot of the 3 Psychos is new footage.
This shot of the 5 Rangers is when it goes back to Sentai footage.
Here's new footage of the 3 Psycho Rangers this is when it goes back to new footage.
The following shot of the Red Ranger posing while saying "Power Red" is when it goes back to Sentai footage.
Once you see this shot of Psychos Yellow, Black and Red it's back to new footage.
This shot of Psycho Red is when it goes back to Sentai footage.
The shot or rather the footage of Psycho Red, Psycho Yellow and Psycho Black transforming into their Monster Forms is Sentai footage.
This shot of the 5 Rangers appears to be new footage but I can't be 100% certain on that.
However once you see Psycho Black's Monster Form, it's definitely Sentai footage.
The footage of the Monster-Psycho Rangers growing is Sentai footage.
? They added a cockpit shot of Silver Ranger calling for "Mega Winger now" in order to signal for it to change into its Battle Mode. In Megaranger footage, MegaSilver just commanded it to transform while wearing the Battlizer device. They didn't reuse the usual stock cockpit shot of his command for this transformation.
All of the Giant footage is Sentai footage.
All remaining shots of the Space Rangers is Sentai footage until it goes to commercial break.

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