Carlos is shown working on Andros' Galaxy Glider.
Here's a shot of Young Andros, as shown on the Viewing Screen.
Here's a shot of Young Karone and Young Andros on the Viewing Screen.
Here's another shot of Young Karone and Andros as shown on the Screen.
Footage is Sentai footage as soon as the Red Ranger falls onto KO-35 however it switches to new footage when you see this shot.
Here's another shot of Astronema.
Here's a shot of Ecliptor and Astronema.
Here's some shots of Ecliptor.   however I cannot tell if these Ecliptor shots are new footage or not but I would assume they are.
Here's a shot of Elgar sleeping.
The footage of the Red Space Ranger, as shown on the Dark Fortress' Viewing Screen is all new footage.
After Carlos leaves the Megaship, the following shots of the Red Ranger on KO-35 is new footage which includes the shots of him using his Scanner device. All shots of him with his Scanner, as shown here is new footage.
The footage switches to Sentai footage when the Red Ranger says "Karone! Are you here?" When you first see the Black Ranger on KO-35, it's new footage. Obviously all shots of the Rangers with their Scanners is new footage.
Here's a shot of the Black Ranger with his Scanner.
The footage switches back to Sentai once you see the Red Ranger and Ecliptor fighting.
This shot of the Red and Black Space Rangers is new footage, this shot is when it's new footage again. and all following shots of the Red Ranger until the scene ends is new footage. Most shots of Ecliptor is Sentai footage while on KO-35 except for the shot of him that's seen in the same shot as the Red Galaxy Glider.
The shot of the Red Ranger when he returns to KO-35 is Sentai footage.
All Giant Ecliptor footage is Sentai. Some of the footage has already been used back in "Save Our Ship."
The footage switches back to new footage when you see these shots.    
The shot of the Rangers firing their Astro Blasters is new footage however their the special effects of the fired laser beams have been added into the Giant Ecliptor Sentai footage to make it look like they're hitting him.
The shot of Black Ranger saying they need more power and teling Alpha to lock the Mega Lasers on Ecliptor and fire when ready is new footage.
All following shots of the Rangers is new footage unless otherwise stated. The Mega Laser's laser beams were added into Sentai footage of Giant Ecliptor to make it look like the Mega Laseres were what was attacking him.
Ecliptor Sentai footage comes from Mega 8