Here's a shot of Andros, Cassie and Carlos in the SimuDeck, watching Ashley and T.J. train in the Simulator.
Here's a shot of the Yellow Space Ranger training in the SimuDeck. Any time you see those green lines in the background, kind of like a grid if you will but any time you see those green lines in the background, it's always and I do mean ALWAYS Sentai footage.
Here's a shot of the Blue and Yellow Rangers in the SimuDeck Room.
Here's a shot of the 5 Rangers in the SimuDeck Room, with T.J. and Ashley morphed but Helmetless.
Here's another shot of the SimuDeck.
Here's another shot of Astronema.
Here's a shot of Astronema and Elgar but with Astronema facing him.
Here's an exterior shot of the Surf Spot.
Here's some interior shots of the Surf Spot. First off is the entrance.
Here's some more interior shots of the Surf Spot.    
Here's Adelle, she's the apparent owner of the Surf Spot and the main waitress although she appears to be the only waitress.
Here's Professor Phenomenus.
Here's new footage of the 5 Space Rangers.
The footage switches to Sentai when you see the shuttle's hanger opening up.
Here's a side shot of the Space Rangers. This shot appears to be new footage.
The footage switches to new footage when you see this shot. however the following shot of something sparking up and causing an explosion is more than likely Sentai footage but I can't be 100% certain on that. However whenever you see a side shot of the Rangers in this episode as shown in the above picture, it's new footage but otherwise all other following shots of the Rangers is Sentai footage unless otherwise stated.
All footage of Ecliptor fighting which includes the Giant footage is Sentai. The ground footage was a mixture of his fight from Megaranger 1 and Megaranger 8.
Here's some more shots of Astronema.  
Here's the 5 Ninja Turtles.

To To look up further information on the Manta Mence monster, please go to the following pages: Mega 1 and Mega 2 and for info in regards to some of the Sentai footage that was used for Ecliptor, please go to Mega 8