Here's a shot of the illusion Rangers which includes the Green Ranger in place of the White Ranger.
Here's a shot of the White Ranger with the Zeo Crystal along with morphed-but-helmetless Kat in the Chamber.
Here's 3 shots of Blue Globbor in new footage.

As you can see MMPR Productions made an error in the Blue Globbor's costume in this shot since while he has his Ninja Mode body suit on he doesn't have his Ninja Mode head.
Here's a shot of Rito, Goldar, Rita, Zedd, Master Vile, Baboo and Squatt in the Space Skull main throne room.

After the zords disappeared, the Blue Globbor shrank down to human-size. All footage of him after that until the Rangers retreated is new footage however there's also a little bit of new footage of him in new footage even after the Rangers retreated.

For more information in regards to the Kaku episodes Blue Globbor comes from please see the following link: KakuRanger Episodes 42, 43 and 44