Here's a shot of Lord Zedd's Growth Bomb
Here's a shot of the Growth Bomb traveling in Earth's air space.

Here's a shot of the Dinozords and Thunderzords from the Thunderzord summoning sequence.
First up is Zack turning the Mastodon Dinozord into the Lion Thunderzord.
Next up is Kimberly turning her Pterodactyl into the Firebird Thunderzord and then we see Billy turning his Triceratops Dinozord into the Unicorn Thunderzord.
Next up is Trini turning her Saber-toothed Tiger Dinozord into the Griffin Thunderzord and then finally we see Jason turning his Tyrannosaurus Dinozord into the Red Dragon Thunderzord.

Here's the American cockpit of the Thunder Megazord however it's a faraway shot since you can see some of the Megazord's chest in the shot.
Here's another shot of the Thunder Megazord American cockpit.