Here's footage of the Rangers battling Piranhatrons and Rygog
Here's the 5 Rangers standing in front of Storm Blaster
Here's new footage of Strikeout and Porto
After Alpha alerts Carlos and T.J. to a monster alert in the park, the 2 of them morph. Once you see the morphed Green Rainger in the park, that's the start of Sentai footage, that footage starts as soon as the morphing sequence ends.
This shot of the Red Ranger in apparent Sentai footage has apparently been flipped.
All footage of Strikeout and the Rangers fighting is Sentai footage until you see this shot That shot is new footage. The new footage of Strikeout and the Red Ranger ends once the scene goes to the shot of Heath practicing his pitching.
Once you see the next shot of Strikeout, this shot will be a behind-the-back shot, this will mean that it'll be the start of Sentai footage once again.
This shot of Strikeout appears to be new footage due to this was the shot in which Torpedoes are about to hit him in order to enlarge him.
Once the torpedoes hit him, the scene switches to a close-up on Strikeout, more notably his mouth and teeth, this close-up is the start of Sentai footage once again.

Sentai footage comes from Car 19