Here's new footage of Flash Head
Here's Elgar and Flash Head with Ptrons
Here's 4 Rangers in new footage
Here's new footage of Flash Head and the Red Turbo Ranger fighting
Here's a full shot of Flash Head as he's running away
This shot of the 5 Rangers on top of a wall is when it's the start of Sentai footage.
Here's a bad example of editing Sentai footage here. In this Sentai shot you can see the Cat Car behind the 3 Rangers
Once you see Flash Head with Ptons, it's back to new footage. The zoom out from the zoom in on Flash Head's face is actually when the new footage appears to have started.
Here's a shot of Flash Head and the tied-up Rangers in new footage
Once you see this shot of Flash Head then it's back to Sentai footage.
Once the torpedoes are launched, the following ground footage of Flash Head is new and here is at least 1 of those shots
Once the torpedos hit their mark near Flash Head, it then cuts to a Sentai sequence of Flash Head growing.
All Giant footage involving the Giant battle with Flash Head is Sentai footage.
Here's new footage of Volt Meister  
Here's a shot of Volt Meister with his Electro Whip
Once Justin and Carlos have morphed to deal with Volt Meister, once they get there morphed, it's another start of new footage.
The footage of Volt Meister on the Power Chamber's Viewing Globe/Screen as shown here is new footage but once the torpedos land, it cuts to a Sentai close-up shot of Volt Meister with his face eventually turning red.
Here's a shot of the Robot Rangers and the real Rangers
Once the real Rangers have morphed out, you'll see this shot of the Red, Yellow, Blue, Pink and Green Rangers and this shot means that it's another start of Sentai footage.
This shot of electrical currents going through a chain as shown here is all new footage.
Once it cuts to a shot of the Blue Ranger in his Rescuezord cockpit then that's back to Sentai footage.
All Giant Volt Meister and zord footage involving the Giant Volt Meister fight is Sentai footage.

Flash Head Sentai footage comes from Car 34 and Volt Meister Sentai footage comes from Car 39