Exterior shot of the Space Base is Sentai footage but the shots of Havoc within it (due to most of it being the Sub-Craft set)  is new footage.
Footage of Lightning Cruiser flying is Sentai footage however this shot of Storm Blaster is new footage.
All footage of Lightning Cruiser flying is Sentai footage.
Here's Havoc along with his 2 Chromites
Here's Chromites guiding in the Sub-Craft
All footage of the Metalasaurus being in its Space Base Hanger is Sentai footage.
Footage of Havoc on the Power Chamber's Viewing Globe is new footage.
Once you see Havoc's cup of tea then it's the start of Sentai footage.
This shot of Metalasaurus comes from Carranger 30.
Once you see the shot of the Rangers then that's footage from Carranger 29 and once the Turbozords come then Carranger 29 footage is what continues to play out.
Here's new footage of the Phantom

NOTE: Hilary Turner, the actress who portrayed Divatox in the Turbo Movie returns this episode to resume her role.

Sentai footage comes from Car 29