Before I forget to get around to doing it, here's an exterior shot of Angel Grove High School
Here's Delisha and Divatox All footag4e of Delisha in Divatox's black limo is new footage.
Blue Senturion footage that is shown via the Periscope that Divatox is looking through, that Blue Senturion footage is also new.
Here's the Blue Senturion and Delisha's Human Form
Here's another shot of the Blue Senturion in new footage with Delisha's Jacket
Once you see this shot then it's the start of Sentai footage.
This shot of Delisha is when it goes back to new footage.
This shot of the Blue Senturion wearing the Jacket is when it goes back to Sentai footage.
There was a scene in which the Robo Racer in Car Mode fires its Beam at the 5 Rangers however that has been removed.
All footage of the Red Ranger in the Robo Racer cockpit is Sentai footage. The footage that the Red Ranger sees from the cockpit of Delisha on the ground is also Sentai footage.
These shots   are back to new footage. Once the torpedos land and emit a white cloud of smoke, it then cuts to Sentai footage of Delisha growing.
All Giant footage is Sentai footage.

Sentai footage comes from Car 17