Here's a shot of Big Burpa and Justin.
Here's new footage of Big Burpa.
Footage shown in Divatox's Periscope is new footage.
Here's Big Burpa and Justin, both riding on their Bikes.
The first footage shown on the Power Chamber's Viewing Globe Screen is new footage.
However the second footage that's shown on the Power Chamber's Viewing Globe Screen, the footage that the Rangers (minus Justin) see is all Sentai footage.
All following footage of the Red Ranger in the Turbo Cart is Sentai footage until the scene switches back to the Power Chamber.
After Tanya, Adam and Kat morph, the following shots of Big Burpa is Sentai footage.
The shot of the Red Ranger appearing in the park area (which includes the shots around this shot) is new footage.
Here's new footage of the Red Lightning Turbozord and the Red Ranger.
After Justin is saved from a bike explosion, the following shot of Big Burpa is new footage.
This shot of the Rangers is new footage.
As soon as you see this shot, it goes back to being Sentai footage.
Here's a case of bad editing with the Sentai footage. This next shot is Sentai footage that was used in this episode. You can see that Big Burpa has Imoyoukan in her right hand.
This shot is when it goes back to being new footage. however once you see a close-up shot of Big Burpa's face, it goes back to being Sentai footage.
The shots of the 5 Rangers calling for their zords is new footage. It goes back to Sentai footage once it shows the zords beginning to enter the scene.

Following info comes from Car 10.
Here's Big Burpa.  
Here's Big Burpa's Bike.        
Here's another shot of Big Burpa.
Here's Giant Big Burpa.