Here's new footage of Numbor.
This shot is also new.
Here's new footage of Numbor holding up his "2" prop.
Here's footage of Numbor in the Sub-Craft.
Once the 4 Rangers morph out, the footage switches to Sentai footage however it goes to new footage when you see this shot of the Green Ranger.
This shot is also new.
This shot is also new.
Once Kat morphs, the following footage is Sentai footage however this is when you see new footage again, this time of the Pink Ranger.
These shots of Pink Ranger and Numbor are also new.  
As soon as you see this shot however it's Sentai footage again.
After the Turbo Megazord destroys Numbor, the footage goes back to being new footage when it goes back to the ground level as shown here.

Following info comes from Car 11.
Here's Numbor.    
Here's Giant Numbor.