Here's new footage of Pharaoh but while he's in the Sub Craft.  
Here's new footage of Pharaoh in Angel Grove.
Pharaoh was a previous fiancé of Divatox's but he left her at the altar.
All ground footage of Pharaoh is new footage.
In the Carranger episode, the Carranger used the "Turbo RAM Cannon" in order to fire at Pharaoh but he dodged the blast. This footage has been removed from this Power Rangers episode.
The shot of the Torpedoes hitting Pharaoh is clearly new (duh) but the shot of him as a Giant is Sentai footage.
The shots of the Rangers calling for their zords is new.
All Giant footage is Sentai footage.
After Pharaoh is destroyed, the following shots of the Rangers on the ground is all new.
Emily appeared in this episode.
The Turbo Megazord used its Shield in its episode but I missed getting a pic of it.

Following info comes from Car 6.
Here's Pharaoh.
Blue Racer uses his Helmet Beam against the Chromites in this episode.
Here's Giant Pharaoh.
Here's a shot of the Desert Thunder Cockpit and a shot of the Dune Star Cockpit.
The Megazord's Spinout move destroys Pharaoh.