Here's a shot of Porto by a Torpedo.
Footage of Porto beginning to grow is new however once you see this shot, it becomes Sentai footage.
Heres' a shot of Divatox and Elgar in the Sub Craft.
The actual shot of Porto shrinking from Giant size back to human size is Sentai footage however when you see this shot, it's new footage.
This shot of the Rangers by their Turbo RAM in Cannon Mode is also new footage. All following shots of Porto and the Rangers is new.
The new footage of the Rangers ends once their scene ends.

Following info comes from Car 4.
Here's some shots of the Porto drives in.    
Here's a shot of Imoyoukan.
The Imoyoukan is what causes Porto to grow. Here's a shot of him as a Giant.
Here's Amphibitor.    
Here's the Desert Thunder Turbozord.
Here's the Dune Star Turbozord.
Here's the Red Lightning Turbozord.
Here's the Wind Chaser Turbozord.
Here's the Mountain Blaster Turbozord.