Here's new footage of Elgar. All of his footage by the Radio Station is new footage.
Here's some shots of Visceron by Piranhatrons.  
The footage goes to Sentai footage when you see Visceron in the Sea Cave. He's smoking up from unknown injuries.
Here's a shot of Divatox and Visceron's 2nd Form.
All footage off the Pink and Green Rangers as shown in the Periscope screen is new footage.
Here's Visceron and Porto which is new footage.
This shot of Visceron's 2nd form is also new.
This shot of Visceron's 2nd form is also new.
This shot of the Yellow Ranger in the same shot as Visceron is new footage.
This shot of the 5 Rangers is also new.
All fighting footage involving the Rangers and Visceron is new.

Following info comes from Car 9.
Here's Wolfgang the 2nd.   This monster was destroyed by the Megazord's Spinout move even though this particular battle was nothing more than Kyosuke's dream.
Speed King Max was the Speed King. He was a superstar that all of the space kids loved. Dappu even looked up to him.
Dappu believed that Max died in a ship crash.
Here's a shot of Max/Visceron's 2nd form.