Here's new footage of Porto. All shots of him by that vehicle is new footage.
This shot of Porto is also new.
Here's new footage of Mouth Piece.
All beginning footage of Porto and Mouth Piece in Angel Grove is new until they retreat.
The date on Justin's papers show 6/9/97.
Here's new footage of Mouth Piece, as shown on the Power Chamber's Viewing Globe. All shots of him on the Viewing Globe is new.
This shot of Mouth Piece is also new, so far all shots of him have been new.
This shot of the Rangers (excluding Blue) is new footage.
Here's another new shot of Mouth Piece.
The footage switches to Sentai when you see this shot.
The shot of the Torpedoes landing by Mouth Piece is new footage as well as these shots of Giant Mouth Piece  
Once you see this shot of Mouth Piece, it goes back to Sentai footage.
The shot of the Rangeres reacting to Mouth Piece's enlarging along with the shot of the Rangers calling for their zords is new.
All of the remaining Giant footage is Sentia.
Once the Giant footage ends, the 5 Rangers teleport to the ground where they're at the Car Wash location. All shots of the Rangers at the Car Wash location is new.

Following info comes from Car 7.
Here's a Roach Monster.
Here's a shot of Mouth Piece.
Here's Mouth Piece and Porto.
Here's a back shot of Mouth Piece.
Turbo RAM Cannon Mode fires at Mouth Piece and defeats it. Porto had to feed Mouth Piece Imoyoukan in order for him to enlarge.
Here's Giant Mouth Piece.
This is when the Turbo Megazord fired its Mountain Blaster Beam at Mouth Piece.
Here's a shot of the Turbo Megazord's Saber.
The Turbo Megazord Spinout destroys Mouth Piece.