Here's new footage of Amphibitor in the Sub-Craft.
So far Amphibitor has been in all new footage which includes this shot.
Here's new footage of Amphibitor but this time with his weapons. So far all shots of his ground footage is new.
Here's new footage of Red Ranger, Amphibitor, Green Ranger and Yellow Ranger.
Here's a shot of 2 of the Torpedoes.  
Here's another new shot of Amphibitor in new footage, so far all ground shots of him have been new.
The shot of the 2 Torpedoes hitting Amphibitor is new footage but also the shot of him growing is new footage as well as this shot of him as a Giant.
The shot of the Rangers calling for their zords is new footage however once it switches to the zords, it's Sentai footage.
Here's Alpha 6.  
Here's a shot of Alpha 6 in the same shot as 3 of the Rangers.
Here's a shot of Dimitria in tthe same shot as Alpha 6 and Adam.
Here's a shot of Dimitria but this time she's in Zordon's Plasma Tube.
Amphibitor comes from Car 4 and 5 even though the only Japanese footage of him came from 5 along with Elgar's Vehicle Fleet.