Here's a shot of Metalasaurus
Here's a side shot of Phantom Ranger along with an up-close front shot of him
Here's some shots of the Rangers being in the Phantom Ranger's HQ  
Here's the Lightning Fire Tamer
Here's the Siren Blaster
Here's the Thunder Loader
Here's the Star Racer and Wind Rescue
Here's a faraway shot of Metalasaurus however he's by a building
Here's a shot of the morphed Rangers in Phantom's HQ
Here's Artillatron  

Here are shots of the zords in Artillatron  
Here are the Rescuezord cockpits for the 5 Rangers        
Here's another shot of Artillatron
Here's the Fire Tamer and Siren Blaster
Here's the Thunder Loader and Star Racer