Following info comes from Car 3.
Here's a shot of the Evil Car that Hammeron was riding in.
Here's Hammeron.
Here's some shots of the Rangers (minus Red) fighting Hammeron.
Here's a shot of the Chromites against 4 of the Rangers.
Here's Hammeron and Elgar.
A gag with the White Chromite in this episode is Hammeron attacks it with his Hammer when he was trying to strike Pink. Because of the hammer striking him, it goes nuts and tries attacking his own kind which includes "Elgar."
The other 4 Rangers finally charged up their Turbo Blades in order to give the Chromites a big shock.
Here's a shot of the Yellow Ranger fighting a Chromite.
Here's a shot of the Red Ranger fighting Elgar.
Here's a shot of the Turbo RAM Cannon Mode's Blast hitting Hammeron which destroys him.