Here's Crash and the Creeps' Fleet          
Here's a shot of Crash in his Fleet Vehicle
Here are 4 monsters that are helping out Crash
Here's Crash and here's his Blaster
Here's another shot of Crash
Here are the Creeps      
Here's the Creeps along with Crash
Here's a shot of Crash and the Creeps with their weapons
Here's a shot of the Red Ranger and Crash
Here's the Blue Ranger and the Blue Creep
Here's Green Creep and the Green Ranger
Here's Yellow Creep and the Yellow Ranger
Here's the Pink Ranger and Pink Creep
Here's the Pink Creep with a Ball She throws it in midair and then Yellow Creep kicks it in midair and then Geen Creep kind of gently hits it with his hands which sends it over to Blue Creep who uses his head to hit it and then Crash kicks it and then it energizes and it hits the Turbo Rangers.
Here's White Racer and here's a shot of her Staff or Wand
Here's another shot of the White Racer but this time in her own Ranger-made suit
Here's a shot of Crash with a White Ball which iss shown to be a Bomb
Here's Crash and Porto with the Ranger Scrambler
Here's Blue Creep with Blasters
Here's Green Creep with Cannon
Here's Pink Creep with Bow
Here's a shot of the Red Crystal in the Ranger Scrambler
Here's Giant Crash
Here's a shot of White Racer's Car