Fox Kids had originally planned for 40 episodes of Power Rangers however they had issued an order for 20 more episodes however when Haim Saban and his production company of MMPR Productions were planning on it, they didn't have much footage remaining from ZyuRanger so they had to go to Toei (the company who handles the Japanese Super Sentai series) and Rainbow Productions (the company who designs the Japanese monster suits) in order to request 24 new monster suits along with fight footage filmed for them which includes Giant Fights. These monsters that were specially created for Saban and MMPR Productions are known around the fandom as "Zyu2" and all monster footage with these monster fights are known as "Zyu2 monster fights."
All of the monsters on this page are the Zyu2 monsters. Unlike with most other pictures where I'll show pictures of them at normal size and when they're Giant, I won't be doing it with these Zyu2 monsters because  all of them would have had shots of them in Giant footage as far as we know but there are some like Invenusable Flytap and Bloom of Doom who will never be shown so I won't show shots of Giant Zyu2 monsters being shown because of that.

Fighting Flea,  Preying Mantis, Soccadillo's Ball Mode, Green Mutant Ranger and Pink Mutant Ranger, Primator, Saliguana, Octophantom, Stag Beetle, Invenusable Flytrap are the only Zyu2 creations that have been in American footage in their very first episode.

Goo Fish                                                                    

Fighting Flea



Preying Mantis



Grumble Bee

Two-Headed Parrot                                                   



Pumpkin Rapper   

Slippery Shark                                                           

Soccadillo's Ball Mode









Bloom of Doom                                                      


Stag Beetle                                                             

 Invenusable Flytrap





Turban Shell

Document For Other Zyu2 Footage as well as other things in the episodes that Power Rangers used for Zyu2 footage"