This page will detail info regarding the episode that's titled "Wormhole" but it will only detail the new footage, it will not focused on the stuff that is adapted from Dekaranger episodes.


Mora's Monster

Zeltrax and T-drones
Mora's 3 Monsters are behind Gruumm  
The 3 monsters are now outside
Monster with Red Eyee
Green Monster
Monster with Red Gloves

Blue and Pink Strikers

Yellow's Saber
Kira's Thundermax Saber, Z's Rod and Syd's Rod
Z's Deltamax Striker, Syd's Deltamax Striker and Kira's Thundermax Laser

Omega Ranger and White Ranger, White Ranger is armed with his Drago Sword
Shield of Triumph
SPD Battlizer and Triassic Ranger
Triassic Ranger, armed with the Shield of Triumph in Sword Mode
S.P.D. Battlizer Sonic Mode and Conner's Dino Thunder Triassic Ranger Battlizer

Z-Rex Blaster Super Mode 
Z-Rex Blaster Super Mode and K-9/Canine Cannon