This footage of Gruumm on the Robot's Communication Screen has been edited into the footage, same goes for the Mora one.
Patrol Cycles 


Ringbah and Broodwing aboard Terror

New footage of Krybots
Jeep and Bike
New footage of Krybots once again
New footage of Krybots by the shattered diamonds
New footage of the Rangers
This looks like Sentai based on the building in the background
New footage of Blue and Red
Also new footage
Once the SPD Rangers start with their roll calls as well as their related poses meaning "1 - SPD Red, 2 - SPD Blue, etc." is when it goes back to Sentai footage.
New footage  
New footage  
Ringbah Card
New footage of the Krybots stealing the diamonds, as shown on the Command Room's Monitors

Sentai footage featuring Ringbah and his Blue Robot comes from Dekaranger Episode 3.