Here's 3 shots of this Pot Jar Monster or Jar Monster. The DaiRanger try attacking him but his body is so hard, their attacks just bounce right off of him. Green and Yellow DaiRangers try using their Wheel Boomerangs on Pot-Jar but no luck. Pink Dai tries her special attack but Jar-boy just absorbs it into his jar-head. Pot Jar absorbs Pink DaiRanger and she's captured inside of his jar. To reflect this, her Beast Symbol is on his jar.
Pot Jar absorbs Blue DaiRanger and he's captured inside his jar.
Pot Jar absorbs Yellow and Green DaiRangers and they're both captured inside of his jar. Here's a shot of Pot Jar's 3rd eye being burned.

Red punches Pot-Jar relentlessly and his final punch is fueled with his passion which frees his 4 friends from Pot-Jar's jar imprisonment. Pot Jar grows. DaiRanger summon Beasts and form Thunder Megazord. Megazord already arms itself with its Saber right away. Saber attacks Jar and sparks come out from Jar, as shown here. Thunder Saber Finisher destroys him. Here's a shot of Zydos' Purple Orb and here's a shot of him releasing its power.