Ep 1 Mega Mission
Ep 2 He Blasted Me With Science
Ep 3 Going Viral
Ep 4 Stranger Ranger
Ep 5 United We Stand
Ep 6 Harmony and Dizchord
Ep 7 Who's Crying Now?
Ep 8 Robo Knight
Ep 9 Prince Takes Knight
Ep 10 Man and Machine
Ep 11 Ultra Power
Ep 12 Last Laugh
Ep 13 Dream Snatcher
Ep 14 Gosei Ultimate
Ep 15 The Human Factor
Ep 16 Rico the Robot
Ep 17 Staying on Track
Ep 18 The Human Condition
Ep 19 The Messenger
Ep 20 End Game
Halloween Special - Raising Spirits
Christmas Special - The Robo Knight Before Christmas

The Super Megaforce episodes will be listed here as well because it's part of the Megaforce series.

Ep 1 Super Megaforce
Ep 2 Earth Fights Back
Ep 3 Blue Saber Saga
Ep 4 A Lion's Alliance
Ep 5 Samurai Surprise
Ep 6 Spirit of the Tiger
Ep 7 Silver Lining (Part 1)
Ep 8 Silver Lining (Part 2)
Ep 9 Power of Six
Ep 10 The Perfect Storm
Ep 11 Love is in the Air
Ep 12 United as One
Ep 13 The Grass is Always Greener...or Bluer
Ep 14 In the Driver's Seat
Ep 15 All Hail Prince Vekar
Ep 16 Vrak is Back (Part 1)
Ep 17 Vrak is Back (Part 2)
Ep 18 Emperor Mavro
Ep 19 The Wrath
Ep 20 Legendary Battle
Nicktoons Network/DVD Special - The Legendary Battle: Extended Edition