Following info comes from Mega 37.
Here's Gooly Bird.    
Here's a shot of MegaYellow kicking Gooly Bird.
Yellow was fighting alone for a bit but then the other 4 joined her. The 5 of 'em fired their Blasters at the Bird and then Red used his Battlizer Punch in order to hit the Bird. Gooly Bird fired a blue beam at MegaYellow and then he retreated. The beam caused their voices to be switched.
Here's a shot of Gooly Bird with various objects.
He used his switch beam in order to black Black, Pink, Blue and Red's "Power Weapons" with his objects.
Here's a shot of Gooly Bird with the Astro Axe, Satellite Stunner, Spiral Saber and Lunar Lance.
He used each weapon on its respective Ranger.
Here's another shot of Gooly Bird with the weapons but this time he has formed the Quadroblaster but with the Spiral Saber attached to it.  
Here's the Gooly Bird with the Battlizer device.  
The double Blade Arm weakened the Bird a little bit however the Spiral Saber Booster Mode and the Quadroblaster were what defeated the Bird.
Here's Giant Gooly Bird.
Here's a shot of the Gooly Bird and the Mega Voyager facing off.
Mega Winger just appeared to lend its Mega Wing to the Mega Voyager.
Gooly Bird was destroyed by the Wing Mega Voyager's Mega V3 Missile Mode.