Following info comes from Mega 29.
Here's Pudioinker.
Here's a shot of Pudioinker and Silver Ranger.
Here's a shot of Silver Ranger and Pudioinker facing off.
Here's a shot of Pudioinker's Fork-like weapon.
Pudioinker was about to rush Silver when he collapses due to hunger so he runs off and leaves Silver behind.
Here's a shot of Pudioinker after he attacks Yellow.
The Rangers (minus Silver and Pink) are currently fighting Pudioinker.
The Black, Blue, Yellow and Red Rangers fired their Blasters at the Pig but the blasts did nothing to him.
Here's a shot of Pink Ranger with the Battlizer.
Here's a shot of Pink's Battlizer Chop hitting Pudioinker.
The Battlizer Chop and the following Battlizer Punch from Pink Ranger is what defeats the Pig.
Here's Giant Pudioinker.
Here's a shot of the Astro Megazord Cockpit but this time Pink is in Red's seat.
Here's a shot of Pudioinker and the Astro Megazord.
The Astro Delta Megazord used its illusion ability in this episode. It also used its Gatling Blasters in order to fire at the pig.
Here's a shot of after the Flying Power Punch hits Pudioinker. This is what destroys him.