Following info comes from Mega 11.
Here's the Garderose.    
Here's a shot of Pink firing her Stunner at Garderose.
4 Rangers were on the scene against Garderose.
Red tried using his Saber and broke Garderose's left arm off however she was capable of rematerializing another arm.
Shibo/Lady Blue while fighting Yellow, she sends Yellow into some twisted dimension of sorts where Yellow can be seen as a Giant as shown here.
The 4 Space Rangers decide to use their weapons in Booster Mode and fired them at Garderose however they don't do any good against her.
Here's Giant Garderose.
They try using the Astro Megazord Saber on Garderose right away as shown here and even though it results in an explosion she's still alive.
Here's a shot of the Giant battle after Garderose attacks the Astro Megazord.
Here's a shot of the Yellow Ranger activating her Astro Blade.
Yellow defeats Shibo with her Astro Blade which causes damage to Garderose.
Here's a shot of the Astro Megazord's Saber final attack against Garderose. however her destruction sequence wasn't the same as all the other monsters.