Following info comes from Megaranger 10.
In this epiosde it's discovered that Shun's Mom died and that she was a flutist.
Here's Super Batterax.  
Here's a shot of Blue against Super Batterax.
MegaBlue used his Helmet's Virtual Vision which projects Super Batterx into a Virtual Movie of sorts. The action in the Virtual World is what really damages Super Batterax to the point that he's forced to retreat.
Blue fought Super Batterax again for a bit before the other 4 joined him.
Here's another shot of Super Batterax.
Super Batterax and MegaRed had another fight where they both got really close to each other to the point where they couldn't get any closer and Blue tried his "Blaster" at Super Batterax which defeated him.
Here's a shot of the Astro Megazord Saber hitting Super Batterax. This is what destroys him.