Here's a Demon Card.
Here's Jinxer, the Furnace Monster and Diabolico. ; and here's a better shot or 2 of the Furnace Monster.  
Here's 2 shots of the Furnace Monster releasing its smoke.  
Here's a shot of the Yellow Ranger facing towards the Furnace Monster, in this particular shot the Furnace Monster is smoking already because the Yellow Ranger landed a few hits against him.
Here's a shot of the Furnace Monster riding on a bike.
Yellow rode the Red Cycle in order to run into the Furnace Monster riding his Bike, this collison damages the Monster and then Yellow doing a headstand while trying to keep a Furnace Monster Ball steady in between his legs, Red kicks the Furnace Ball towards the Monster and this damages him more.
Yellow calls for the Rescuebird. The Unilaser destroys the monster.
Jinxer recites the growth resurrection spell while still in Skull Cavern.
Here's the Giant Furnace Monster.
Yellow calls for the Supertrain.
Here's the Furnace Monster facing off against the Megazord.
The Lightspeed Megazord uses its spinning move while its Ladder Arms are extended.
Here's a shot of the Furnace Monster smoking up after the Megazord attacks it with its Saber.
The Lightspeed Megazord Saber Fire Finisher is what destroys the Furnace Monster.