Here's Hayate
Here's Mutiny, Kegler and others
Here's a front shot of Kegler with Mutiny in the background behind him
Here's Electropede  

Here's Treetor's Viewing Screen
Here's a shot of Mutiny Devices
Here's Kegler with a device in his hand, Swabbies can be seen in the background
This Ball is the result of a spell that the Gingaman (excluding Hikaru) use which apparently allows Gingaman to turn darkness into daylight.
Here's Electropede's Vines strangling Yellow
Here's a shot of the Green Saber's Hurricane-powered move striking Electropede and here's a shot of the Yellow Galaxy Ranger's Quasar Saber's Thunder-powered move striking Electropede
These 2 Saber strikes are what defeat Electropede.
Electropede takes out his Growth Drink and drinks it as per usual.
Here's Giant Electropede
Wolf bites Electropede.
Here's a shot of Condor doing a fly-by attack on Electropede
Here's a shot of Wolf's Electric Shock hitting Electropede
Condor Cyclone destroys Electropede.
Here's Condor and Wolf