Here's Starcog

Here's a shot of Treacheron outside of the Mutiny Castle
Here's Treacheron and Green during their battle
Here's a shot of Starcog chasing after Red
Here's Treacheron and Blue
Here's Starcog's Gear
Here's a shot of Starcog sparking up which signals his defeat, this sparking up happens after the Red Ranger strikes him with his Fire-powered up Saber move.
Here's Giant Starcog
Here's Starcog and Gorilla
Wolf, Wildcat, Gorilla and Condor GalactaBeasts all attacked Starcog with their signature moves. Condor's Cyclone is what destroys him.
Here's the feet and bottom part of the Magna Defender's legs
Here's Magna Defender carrying an unconscious Ryo