Here's Fairorn
Here are the Sabers  
Here's Hyuuga
Here's Ryo (his name is Ryoma but I'm shortening it to make it simpler to type)
Here's Hikaru

Red is selected first followed by Green, Blue, Yellow and Pink.

Here's the Mutiny Castle
Here's the Mutiny Castle and Titanisaur
Here's the Mutiny Staircase
Here's the Mutiny Wheel
Here's Villamax
Here's Barbarax
Here's Hexuba  
Here's Treacheron
Here's the Swabbies
Here's Swordter and Swabbbies
Here's Kegler
Here's Mutiny's Hook Here's Captain Mutiny
Here's a faraway shot of the Horses
Here's the Mutiny Canoe
Here's a shot of the ground opening up
Here's a shot of the crevice closing itself back up
Here's the TransMorpher
Here are the Galaxy Rangers  

Here are the Galaxy Rangers
Here's a shot of Villamax's Blaster