In this episode in DaiRanger, "Bookala" was actually a Gorma Monster that could possess humans. He had possessed Lin's semi-Grandpa's 20-year old girlfriend and they had apparently married later on. Her Grandpa and his then-girlfriend had brought a white Sword to Japan and he had placed it inside a rock or stone. He hinted that the Sword will result in the appearance of another DaiRanger.

Here are Bookala pics.
Here are shots of the Giant Bookala in the zord/mecha fight.

Here are shots of Weldo. In DaiRanger, Weldo was actually a robot that Bookala possessed however Bookala initially had issues with possessing it since it was a robot.

Here are new weapons that are kind of like Wheel Boomerangs in a sense. All 5 DaiRangers have them.
Here's a shot of the Pink DaiRanger with the same new weapon, the Wheel Boomerang-like weapon.

Here's a shot of Shadam with his "Armored Face."
Here's a shot of Zydos with his "Armored Face."
Here's a shot of Gara with her "Armored Face."
Here's a shot of Gara, Shadam and Zydos with their "Armored Faces. "

Here are the 2 shots of the good Bookala in the Power Rangers' Command Center in their episode. Pretty much all of the ground Bookala footage is new footage although I'm not quite sure about the ground shots of the bad Bookala but they're pretty much the same suit anyway.

Here are a few DaiRanger shots of Saba being in the stone/rock.