All footage involving Jaws of Destruction is Japanese footage. His footage comes from DaiRanger Episode 8 which is actually the first time in source footage they use their "Thunder Megazord." They had gotten the necessary power to combine their Kiden Beasts in DaiRanger from Ryou's Father, Chouryou who had fought as not only a good warrior in the past but also as a Gorma. Here are shots of Chouryou.

Here's a shot of Ryou, Chouryou and Chouryou's Sword.

Chouryou and the ghosts of his 4 fallen comrades passed on a great power to the new team of DaiRanger so that their Kiden Beasts could combine.

Here are shots of the Jaws of Destruction.
Here's a shot of him as a Giant and here's a shot of him as a Giant with his Saw-like weapons.

Here are shots of the Thunder Megazord.

Here's the Thunder Megazord's Japanese cockpit.

Here's the Thunder Megazord with its Thunder Saber.

Here's a shot of the Giant Jaws of Destruction facing the Thunder Megazord.

Here's a shot of the Green and Yellow Kiber Machines.