The following are images of Beamcaster in new footage.

Here's a couple shots of the White Ranger catching 1 of Beamcaster's Bombs and here's another shot of him catching 1 of his Bomb, this time the Multi-Color one.

Most of Beamcaster in "Zedd Waves" is American footage however it switches to DaiRanger footage when he says "I missed one?" It switches back to new footage when Beamcaster says "The next 6 callers get to hail Lord Zedd." It switches back to DaiRanger footage when Beamcaster says "No, you can't stop me Power Rangers." The Power Rangers ended up using the Power Blaster against him however during the DaiRanger footage, you can see the Power Cannon's Special Effect going towards him and hitting him.

The following information is in regards to DaiRanger Episodes 29 and 30.
A boy is plucked in the air by a fishing rod and it's the work of another Gorma monster who is currently in a human form but his monster form is that of "Beamcaster." Beamcaster throws an apple bomb at the DaiRanger and whichever Ranger catches it has to say tongue twisters and if they mess up then the bomb blows up in Blue's hands.
Beamcaster uses a new Bomb which blows up in Green's hands.
Beamcaster has a new Bomb which looks kind of like a small log or whatever it is. Red catches it but fails at a tongue twister and the bomb blows up.
Beamcaster's next Bomb is a Paper Bomb. He throws it onto the White Ranger's costume and it lands on the back side of his Chest Shield as shown here. The Paper Bomb blows up and upon blowing up, the kid is sent flying and he loses his Kiba Changer as well as his Sword, Byakko in the process.

Here's a side shot of Beamcaster, the camera is aiming at his left side.
Here's a shot of Beamcaster with his Fishing Rod.
Beamcaster captures Kou.
Lin's Great Uncle, Grand Master Yufang appears and he reveals that he's been working on a Bazooka weapon however he needs a crystal of power.
Beamcaster has a White Bomb of some kind. Blue catches and it blows up.
Beamcaster uses his Fishing Rod to take away the DaiRangers' DaiRods. Next he takes away their Dai Busters and then finally their Wheel Boomerangs.
The DaiRangers try their "Chi Energy Ball" attack but Beamcaster just sends it right back at them.

In DaiRanger Episode 30, Beamcaster throws a Ball Bomb  and Red catches it. Red jumps up and grabs a hold of Beamcaster and the bomb goes off while in Red's hands which means it hits both him and Beamcaster. Pink uses her Special attack to attack Beamcaster which causes him to retreat. Shadam changes his face to his metal form and then he grows under his own power. Red Dragon WM (Warrior Mode) and Giant Shadam fight.
Beamcaster takes out another Ball Bomb  and throws it. Blue catches it. He completes a tongue twister and throws the Bomb back. Beamcaster catches it and it blows up.
Beamcaster has a Multi-Color Bomb and throws it. Pink catches it. She completes a tongue twister and she throws the bomb back. Beamcaster catches it and the bomb blows up.
The DaiRangers get their Bazooka. The DaiRanger fire the Bazooka after taking a long-winded process to activate it and then they fire it at Beamcaster and he blows up.
Here's the images showing the long-winded Bazooka setup while I explain it to the best of my ability.
They insert their Swords into the sides of the Bazooka.
Pink DaiRanger inserts the Balls into the hole.
Green DaiRanger has his hand on a side lever and pulls it away from him.
Blue DaiRanger has his hand on a flap and he pulls it out and then puts it back in.
Yellow DaiRanger places a weapon on the weapon of it and locks it into place.

Here's an image of Gorma the 15th with his new 3rd eye.