Terror Blossom is the main monster of the day and his footage is a combination of DaiRanger footage and American footage. Here are some shots of him in DaiRanger footage.

Here's a shot of him against the Red and Black Rangers.

Here's a shot of him with all 6 Rangers in the same shot.

Here's a shot of Goldar's Evil Snake.

Here's a shot of Green DaiRanger using his DaiRod and Sword to attack the Flower Monster, our "Terror Blossom." Green's "Peacock Slash" is what defeated the monster before it unleashed the Growth Bomb.

This features the first true return appearance of a previous monster and all ground footage of Hatchasaurus in this episode is new footage. Footage for him switches to Japanese footage after he grows.

Here's a couple of shots of him in new footage due to Z Putties being in the same shot as him.

Here's a couple of shots of Hatchasaurus with the Growth Bomb. This is new footage as well because Hatchasaurus was from ZyuRanger and the Growth Bombs are from DaiRanger.