All Key Monster footage in this episode is DaiRanger footage but all other footage is American-shot footage with either Zyu2 monsters, a ZyuRanger monster (Snizzard) or a DaiRanger monster (Tombstone.)

Here's a shot of Tombstone and Robogoat in new footage with Tommy.
Here's Tombstone with Tommy's Power Morpher.
Here's a shot of Pumpkin Rapper in new footage.
Here's a shot of Primator in new footage.
Here's a shot of Rhinoblaster in new footage.
Here's 2 shots of Invenusable Flytrap in new footage.
Here's a shot of Snizzard in new footage.

All monsters in this episode are Zyu2 monsters except for Key Monster which is in all DaiRanger footage as I already said, Tombstone which is from DaiRanger but no footage is used and Snizzard which is from ZyuRanger but no footage is used.

For more information regards to the additional unused footage of Key Monster and for more information in regards to Tombstone's unused DaiRanger footage, please go to the following link: Unused DaiRanger Footage"