All of the Genie footage was Japanese footage however the footage with the lamp being all alone on the grass on Earth is new footage. Most of the footage of how Bookback (Squatt) and Totpat (Baboo) had gotten the lamp was cut, likely because it was seen as being "too goofy" because Totpat was shown using a fishing rod and lowering it all the way into the waters on Earth which is how he and Bookback had gotten the lamp. In ZyuRanger 11, the Genie was actually just a regular Genie and he wanted nothing to do with Bandora however she broke his lamp and she had a new one which she had captured him in and then after she releases him, he becomes Giant and that is where all of the Giant footage comes from. When the Genie disappears in the footage, that is actually when in ZyuRanger, they're able to put his old Lamp back together so that he can return to it and then Mei destroys Bandora's Lamp with her own Bow and Arrow.

Also this episode apparently features the first US-shot appearance of Squatt due to the fact he was shown in Billy's garage during night time which I believe isn't ZyuRanger footage so that makes him the 2nd one out of Rita's main minions to have American footage.

Here's a comparison of the Lamps.

Sentai Power Rangers


Here's a shot of Bandora with her own Magical Lamp.

Here's 2 shots of the Genie, the first one in his regular form as shown here and the second one in his Giant form as shown here