All footage of Trumpet Top is DaiRanger footage, that makes Pursehead and Terror Blossom being the only DaiRanger monsters in new footage so far.

Here's a shot of Trumpet Top.

In DaiRanger, he was defeated when the Yellow DaiRanger punched him with his double powered-up Boxing Gloves attack. You can see the image of after he punches him with his gloves here.

Here's a shot of him as a Giant as he falls down before he blows up

Most likely all of the footage of the imaginary monsters is new footage. All of those imaginary monsters are Zyu2 monsters as you can see on the Zyu2 page. First up is Grumble Bee.
Next up is Soccadillo. This is actually the first time he's in American footage in his Monster Form.
Here's a group shot of Grumble Bee, Saliguana and Fighting Flea.
Here's a shot of Black Ranger fighting the Preying Mantis and then of him (the Black Ranger) getting ready to fight the Rhinoblaster.
Here's a shot of the Yellow and Pink Rangers getting ready to fight the Slippery Shark and the Stag Beetle.