Most of the footage in this episode comes from ZyuRanger 9 and 10 which includes some of the footage of Maria when she's tied up and afterwards as well, that is why she is wearing the outfit like she is as shown here because of the fact that there was a young Japanese girl in ZyuRanger named Emiko who wore the same type of outfit as shown here

 In ZyuRanger 9 and 10, there was an inventor named Baron along with his wife Daisy and the Prince named Yuuro who were members of the Apelo Tribe. Yuuro and his tribe were originally the Guardians of the orchards in the Kingdom of God however "Chunky Chicken" had tricked them into eating the holy fruit that they were forbidden from eating and he explains how God was angry with them so he punished them by turning them into half-monkeys and sent them to Dalos Island however he promised the Tribe that if they protect the Eggs until the ZyuRanger could come to get tthem then he would restore them to normal and send them back to their Kingdom. Unlike in Power Rangers, Bandora wasn't aware of where the Eggs were at. She wasn't told of this until during some of the Chicken monster's cutting of the rope. Yuuro had told her the location of the eggs however he wasn't too concerned with it because she couldn't get to them anyway due to a magical force field that was placed around them so she was never able to get the Eggs in ZyuRanger. The Eggs in ZyuRanger weren't as powerful as Power Rangers claimed them to be however they were just as special because in ZyuRanger, they were Dinosaur Eggs, 1 of each gender, they were special because they were the last Dinosaurs in the world because Bandora was responsible for the extinction of the rest of the dinosaurs years ago before she was banished on the Nemesis planetoid. All of the footage of the Power Eggs was ZyuRanger footage including the footage of the Morphin' Masters however it was edited to avoid any close-ups of their faces. Here's a shot of the Eggs in Japanese footage.


There are 2 versions of the Chunky Chicken monster as shown in the following 4 pictures however 1 of the pictures includes Bandora (Rita) in it because it was the best image of it.

ZyuRanger 9 Version ZyuRanger 10  Version
ZyuRanger 9 Giant Version ZyuRanger 10 Giant Version

The battle between Giant Chunky Chicken and the Megazord was mostly from ZyuRanger 9 however the actual Megazord Sword attack that hit him as well as the actual scene of him blowing up and exploding was from ZyuRanger 10. They didn't use the Japanese footage of the Giant Chunky Chicken in ZyuRanger 10 because there wasn't a whole lot of usable footage in it. As you can see in the following images, you will see that it's the ZyuRanger 10 version of the monster that is in the footage.  

 See the red hat thingie on its head? That's the best way to tell the difference between the Chicken monster in ZyuRanger 9 and the one in ZyuRanger 10. The one with the bigger hat is from ZyuRanger 9 but the one with the smaller hat is the one in ZyuRanger 10.

Sentai American


Most of the RadBug footage was Japanese footage unless it involves close-ups or scenes in which you can clearly see American-shot things such as the Command Center as shown here or even if you happen to be able to tell that a character in an episode is being played by an actor or actress who was filmed in American footage like for example most of the interiors shots of the RadBug which includes the flying shots of it since most of the exterior shots are ZyuRanger footage, as shown here however when it comes to the shots of the RadBug in the same shot as Maria and the Megazord hand, as shown here it is American footage which includes this shot of the Megazord hand, Maria and the RadBug.