Most of Pudgy Pig's first scenes in Angel Grove were U.S. footage as seen here. The first ZyuRanger footage on Earth that was used for him was what was shown in the Viewing Globe. The Pig's vortex wasn't his doing in source footage, the vortex was actuailly the doing of another boy who had sent the ZyuRanger to his dimension where they were able to find moly herb at but only if they could beat his game of eating all of the food he gave them. The herb is the spicy radish Trini put into the sandwich that caused the Pig to get sick. Also in the source footage, Bandora (Rita) was trying to starve herself because she was too hungry but she didn't want to eat because she ate too much before. She was planning on enlarging the Pig monster as well but she couldn't muster up the strength due to the fact that she was just too weak from trying to force herself to not eat.