Cyclone Moprher
There's a red monster along with Blue Face and Kelzaks
Abyss of Evil Monster
Blue Face's Blade
Cam's Power Discs for Red, Blue and Yellow Wind Rangers
Zurgane in Mesogog's Island Fortress

Beast and Blue Face
Composo and Piarite

Dino Rangers  
Ninja Storm   
11 Rangers   
Raptor Cycles and Wind Rangers' Tsunami Cycles

Here's the Red Monster
Black ATV
Navy Antler, Thunder Staff
White ATV
Red Super Dino Mode
Blue Wind Ranger, Yellow Dino in Super Dino Mode
Thunder Staff and Staff
Brachio Staff
Thunder Shield
Crimson Blaster
Navy, Black Dino Ranger and Crimson
Super Samurai Mode and White Super Dino Mode  
Hovercraft Cycle
Shield of Triumph
Triassic Ranger and Red Wind Ranger
Lothor inside one of the Mutant Jars  

The switch from Green Ranger's Helmet to its Super Samurai Mode as well as the Red Dino Ranger to Triassic Ranger morph sequence are the only instances of Sentai footage in this episode. Everything else is new footage.