New footage

Obviously the shots of the Golf Balls hitting the Rangers is Sentai footage however you will see what I believe to be reused Sentai footage for the Red Ranger, Yellow Ranger and Blue Ranger as they're flying in the air due to the force of the blast that hit them.
Also new   
These shots on the Monitor  would be new footage.
Here's some more new footage featuring the Clone and Thornox
This is also new
The transformation Sentai stock footage to Super Dino Mode is as I said Sentai footage but once it ends, it continues in Sentai footage but regular Sentai footage.
I believe this shot is Sentai footage but I believe they've pulled it from a previous episode.
Here's Sentai footage that is back to Abaranger 33
Hydro Regenerator Rain Cloud is Sentai stock footage as in the Brachiozord stuff and the combination sequence. Once you see the Giant Thornox is when it goes back to regular Sentai footage.

NOTE: All Sentai footage comes from Abaranger 33 except for stock footage and the one reused scene where Red in Super Dino Mode and the White Ranger are fighting.