Megalador in the Island Fortress
New footage of the new Dinozord Egg
New footage
New footage of the Flower that Megalador uses
New footage of Megalador with his Flower
These shots   could be Sentai since the quality looks like it but I cannot find it in the Abaranger episode.
Here's a side shot of Red's holster which I assume to be Sentai stock footage.
Here's Megalador which I'm now currently assuming is new footage because that thing in the background isn't in the Sentai footage.
New footage of the Thundermax Lasers
Hydro Regenerator is Sentai stock footage however it then goes to regular Sentai footage once you see the Giant Megalador.
Obviously Hayley is an actress in New Zealand so anything with her in it is new. However this Range shot is new footage
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NOTE: All Megalador Sentai footage comes from Abaranger 16 as does all Stegozord footage as well as all Megazord footage.