New footage of the Dimetrozord Egg
At the moment the first shot of the Dimetrozord is Sentai footage but don't know where it originates> The 2nd shot of the Dimetrozord running is the usual Sentai stock footage that you'll see a lot of.
New footage
This shot on the Monitor originates from Abaranger 12
The Monitor shows stock Sentai footage of the Dimetrozord jumping up and preparing to launch an attack with its saw.
> Additionally the following shot shows a Temple-like building being destroyed and that originates from Abaranger 12.
All shots of the Dimetrozord shown on the Monitor are Sentai footage. The regular Sentai footage originates from Abaranger 12.
New... more than likely 
More stock footage of the Dimetrozord coming into action then the Dinozords coming into battle.
The match between the Dimetrozord and Tricerazord is Sentai footage however it originates from Abaranger 12.
It then cuts into Sentai footae of the Dimetrozord and Tyrannozord battling which also originates from Abaranger 12.
Back to Sentai which originates from Abaranger 12
Back to Sentai however these originate from Abaranger 13  

Back to new 
It then cuts back into Sentai Abaranger 12 footage of the Dimetro and Tyranno battling.
It then cuts back to Abaranger 12 footage of the Dimetrozord and Tyrannozord battling.
This shot of the Dimettrozord digging while it is Sentai footage, it first originated from Abaranger 13.
Once you see Giant Scorpex then that comes from Abaranger 13.
Back to new
It cuts back to more Abaranger 13 Giant Scorpex footage.
Back to Sentai 
It then cuts to Sentai footage of the 3 Dinozords coming via Sentai stock footage.
It then cuts into the Sentai split screen Sentai footage of the Rangers entering into their zords to their cockpits.
Once you see Scorpex and the Megazord then that is regular Sentai footage.
This shot is Sentai footage however they edited Elsa into the Sentai footage.
New footage of the Dimetro Plate on Tommy's Morpher
It then cuts back to Abaranger 13 footage of the Dimetrozord.

NOTE: Abaranger footage comes from Abaranger 12 and 13. All Scorpex footage comes from 13.