Raptor Cycles
Pollinator with Generals and Tdrones
New footage of Thundermax Laser  
Rangers using Sabers in the Fortress
Brachio Morpher and Key
New footage of Black 
More new
These shots are new since Red Ranger is facing off with Elsa

Also new
New footage of Thundermax Lasers
You'll see more Red Ranger vs. Elsa stuff.
Back to Sentai 
New footage 
Back to Sentai
Once the Z-Rex Blaster's Energy Blast destroys Pollinator, it then cuts to additional new footage of the Black Ranger and Zeltrax fighting.
The Hydro Regenerator Rain Cloud is Sentai stock footage.
New footage
It then cuts to Sentai footage of Giant Pollinator.
Here's new footage of Black Ranger, I believe it's new footage but I'm not entirely sure on that
Once you see the Brachiozord then that is when it goes back to Sentai footage however it is usually seen in stock footage.
New footage
After that, it then cuts back into the Sentai footage of the Brachizord opening its compartments in order to release the 3 Dinozords.
These shots   are likely new.
It then cuts into the Sentai stock footage of the Red Ranger entering into the Tyrannozord.
Once you see the bottom of Giant Pollinator then that is when it goes back to regular Sentai footage.
These shots 
  are probably Sentai.
Originally I had thought they were new footage but if I recall correctly, I think those scenes were pulled from another Abaranger episode.
It first cuts to these Sentai close-ups of Cephalozord  
It then cuts into Sentai footage of the Thundersaurus Megazord cockpit.

Pollinator Sentai footage comes from Abaranger 9.