Exterior shot of Hayley's Cyberspace 
Images with file names Cyberspace 3-16 are interior shots so will be on a separate page.
Here are Eggs  
New footage of the Thundermax Sabers  
New footage of 'Summoned' Weapons
SniBird in Island Fortress
These shots on the Monitor are new footage
More new
Back to Sentai 
This could be new since he move his left hand while talking... and based on everything I'm seeing, it is 100% new.
Back to Sentai
New footage
This shot of Red Ranger on his Raptor Rider could be new footage.
This could be new too
Here's Sentai footage however this could be a reused shot
Here's real non-stock Sentai footage
This shot of Blue riding on his Raptor Rider although you can only see the back of it as well as its reins... it looks new but I can't be quite certain however I do feel confident that it is new.
Likely new 
These shots of Giant SniBird are Sentai footage  
Once you see the split screen in which the 3 are in the same shot as their zords and they're entering into their zords then that is Sentai stock footage.
Once you see the Giant SniBird then that is when it returns to regular Sentai footage (meaning Sentai footage that isn't stock footage.)

SniBird Sentai footage comes from Abaranger 4.